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Our Pricing

Because of the wide variety of projects we handle, our services are generally billed at $18/hr plus materials and/or hosting fees. Based on this hourly rate, we have come up with some examples below to help you gauge what your project might cost.

The Service Levels listed below are described in more detail on the Services page.

Free Services

Cost: Free!

Level I Services

Example: Help you put a web site onto the Internet that you have already designed using software like Microsoft FrontPage.

Costs: 2 hours labor @ $18/hr plus any hosting fees (free at Wiktel).

The estimated 2 hours of labor includes any reformatting of the site, contacting your ISP, obtaining FTP site access, and training you on how to make updates yourself. (If on-site training is required, it will be charged @ 18/hr for trip time to the site.)

Total: $36

Level II Services

Example: Help you use software to make updates, or redesign an existing website that you or your business owns, and create a domain name like

Costs: 5 hours labor @ $18/hr plus any software, hosting, or intellectual property fees to take over complete ownership of the site when we're through designing it for you.

The estimated 5 hours of labor and fees here would include the redesign of your existing site, some time to discuss your specific changes, working with your ISP, $30 to register, $10/month for your busines site's hosting fees and DNS space at Wiktel, and a $25 fee for the intellectual rights to the source code. (Again, if on-site training is required, it will be charged @ 18/hr for trip time to the site.)

Total: $220 + $10/month

Level III Services

Example: Create and implement a new website for your business.

Costs: 12 hours labor @ $18/hr plus any software, hosting, intellectual property fees, maintenance plans, or updates.

The estimated 12 hours of labor includes design of 2 proofs to choose from, working with your ISP, $30 for, $10/month for hosting, $100 for the source code, and $5/month to constantly maintain and make changes or updates to the site.

Total: $346 + $10/month hosting + $5/month maintenance

Above Pricing Is Just An Example

We offer a wide variety of services, and the 3 examples above are for estimation purposes only. We can work with any budget. Do you have questions? You can email or send a letter to us and We'll answer your questions free of charge.

Service Example
Level I Help you upload a site that you have already designed to the Internet.
Level I,
II, or III
Help you use software that you already own to create your website:
                  - Frontpage                         - Corel
                  - Microsoft Word                   - Dreamweaver
                  - Netscape Composer
Level II Make updates to your website for you.
Level III Redesign your existing site for you.
Level III Design a new site for you.

You can email or send a letter to us requesting any of our services, or just to let us know what you are thinking about doing with your site. We can discuss any type of Internet or website related services you may need. Feel free to contact us today.

For information about our business policies please see our policies page.

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