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We the community of St. Rose are believers in Jesus Christ; striving to proclaim His Gospel in word and in good deed.  Through worship, evangelization, formation and service we invite our brothers and sisters to know the Lord.


Office Information

-St. Rose Church, 501 West 3rd Street, PO Box 277

Argyle,,MN  56713

Office Hours:  Monday - Thursday  (8:00AM-2:30PM)

 (The Office is closed Fridays, Holy Days and Holidays)

Parish Office- 437-6341  email-

Pastor:  Fr. Luis Buitron   Cell # 1-218-242-5689 



Parish Coordinator: Lori Gruhot 437-6341

RE Youth Coordinator-  Dawn Hoeper 437-6341

St. Rose bulletin is online at:


If you or someone you know has been the victim of sexual misconduct on the part of a priest, deacon, or individual representing the Diocese of Crookston, its parishes, or its schools, your first call should be to law enforcement. In addition, the diocesan Victim Assistance Coordinator is available at 218-281-7895 (24-hour confidential number).



Jesse Sundby , Paul Bergeron and Larry Riopelle, Brent Riopelle

     Judy Adolphson, Darel Nelson- (Trustees)

PASTORAL COUNCIL: Wayne Feuillerat Conrad Lubarski, Mark Hendrickson, Lisa Sorenson, Jenna Grabowska, Kari Rivard

Funeral Luncheon Planner- Melanie Nelson 218-201-1478


Knights of Columbus Insurance The Field Agent for this area is  Field agent is James Suda, 701-430-0604.  Email address is


Reconciliation- Sacrament of Reconciliation (confession) Before Saturday evening Mass: 4:30 to: 5:00PM.  Before Sunday 8:30AM Mass: from 8:00 to 8:30AM. --or by Appointment

Infant Baptism- Catechetical Class is required; please contact Fr. Luis

Marriage- all Catholics who have made a decision to enter into marriage must see a priest six months before the proposed wedding date.  If a Catholic is contemplating marriage to a non-Catholic, the Catholic must still contact a priest to fulfill the requirements of the Catholic Church for the marriage to be validly recognized by the Church.

Anointing of the Sick:  Please call Fr. Luis especially before surgery or serious illness.

Shut-ins-   If you know anyone who cannot come to Church, or would appreciate a pastoral visit please let the office or Fr Luis know so a visit can be scheduled.



Please include in your prayers the following people who are need of prayers & healing:


 Wayne Gruhot, Scott Hebert, Carol Novecek, Marjorie & Bob Kasprowicz, Geraldine Topka, Kelly Tweiten, Steve Novak


August 7, 2022

19th Sunday in Ordinary Time

“For where your treasure is, there also will your heart be.”    Luke 12:34

Jesus encourages us to build up our treasure in heaven.  The world encourages us to build up our treasure in real estate, investments, and material goods.  How much time are you investing in building up a worldly treasure?  How much time are you investing in building up a heavenly treasure?  To invest more in the things of heaven, you must let go of some of the things of this world.    



****NEEDED EACHWEEK- $2,329.81

Budgeted $121,150.00

from 7-1-21—6-30-22

Automatic Deposits for

June-  $3,070.00

Tri-Parish Mass Schedule for  August- September   2022

Saturday at 5:00 PM. – St. Stephen’s Church

Sunday at 8:30 AM – St Rose Church

Sunday at 10:30 AM. – Assumption Church

Tuesday Mass at 5:00 PM, Adoration 4PM — St. Rose Church

Wednesday at 8:30AM, St. Stephen’s Church

Thursday Mass at 6:00PM— Assumption Church




Tuesday, August 9

Adoration 4:00PM—5:00PM MASS

+Gary Bergeron

By Colleen


Sunday, August 14, Mass 8:30AM

+Irene Rud

By Clark Schiller

Servers: Camille, Alexis

Lector:  Judy







  Have you made a commitment to the 2022 Diocesan Annual Appeal? If not, please make your pledge or gift this weekend. Our parish goal for 2022 is $12,477.00  July 15 2022- Received is $9,360.00 remaining is $3,117.00 , 36 donors out of 171 parishioners.



Quilts needed for the new Diocese of Crookston Retreat Center   As the Diocese prepares to open the new diocesan retreat center, when we considered the need to purchase bedding, the idea was suggested that we cover each bed in its own unique quilt made by people from across the Diocese.  Some parishes have quilting groups while most have individuals who make quilts for a hobby.  If you or your group are willing to make a quilt for the Diocesan retreat center, please contact Dcn. Mark Krejci ( who will send you information about the size needed for the beds.  It would be wonderful if every parish would submit a quilt as a support to people who are on retreat

Cursillos at the Mount!!!   Come be one of the first to experience a retreat at the Mount St. Benedict Monastery in Crookston.  The Cursillo retreats will be held there starting this Fall!  The Women’s weekend will be held September 22–25, 2022, and the Men’s retreat is October 27–30, 2022.  Experiencing Cursillo surrounded by the beautiful, Catholic setting of the Mount will surely provide an opportunity for you to grow deeper in your Catholic faith and your relationship with Christ.  If you are interested in attending the retreat, please contact your parish office.

Mass Intentions    Beginning July 1, 2022, the suggested donation by the Diocese of Crookston for an individual Mass intention will be $10.00 per intention, a $5.00 increase.

**If anybody has some beautiful flowers to share for Summer bouquets for in front of the Ambo—please free to share them.  There are extra vases in the Lazarus room closet or Sacristy closet.  Thank you.

THE VATICAN UNVEILED:  An Exploration of Legacies   The event of this decade is finally here, you have heard about it, now it’s time to experience the largest Papal Artifacts Collection outside of Rome!  Father Richard Kunst will be unveiling his curated collection August 19-21, 2022, at the DECC (Duluth, MN).  This is the closest that most people will ever get to the Vatican or to meet a Pope.  General Exhibit hours are:  Friday - 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.; Saturday - 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.; Sunday 10:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.  Early bird tickets available now at or call 218-724-6201.