About Us

  I have always been fascinated with Whitetail deer. In the spring of 1992, my wife and I decided to raise some deer of our own. We searched for and purchased the best genetics we could find. We started with three fawns: Clyde, Sugar and Spice. The following year we bought an excellent adult deer named Silker.

 During the years that followed, Clyde grew to be very impressive: 186" as a four-year-old. We noticed, through our records, that buck fawns out of Sugar were only of average quality, while buck fawns out of Spice and Silker did exceptionally well. We held back most of our top quality stock and let go of all the rest.

 A buck out of Silker- J.J.- scored 142" at 2 1/2 years old and 176" at 3 1/2. We were very impressed and expected great things out of him. However, we lost him in an accident before he could produce his fourth set of antlers.

 Wylee, our first born buck out of Spice, won the typical and nontypical antler contest at the NADeFA contest in New Mexico in February of 2001. Wylee's single right antler scored 92" (net typical) B&C! This is about as big a typical antler as has ever been grown.! We do regret selling Wylee, but are happy that we still have spice and many of her offspring still on our farm.

 We never imagined that what started out as a hobby could have grown to such proportions. Who would have thought that we would raise and sell a buck that could of reached the heights of the James Jordan legacy! Last year, another buck that we sold reached 193" at only 3 years old.

We believe the best - at our farm and in the industry - is yet to come!

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