Number 78 - February 2021

L.O.W. Annual Meeting Time

It's that time of year again and our Annual Meeting of the Lake of the Woods Steam and Gas Engine Association has been scheduled for 2:00 PM, Saturday, February 20, 2021 at the Mt. Carmel Lutheran Church, located on Rocky Point RD (County RD 17), 6 miles North of Roosevelt. Note the day change, SATURDAY instead of Sunday. It was decided at 2016 Annual meeting to try having the Annual Meetings on Saturday instead of Sunday. So we will try it again this year. 

As it is each year, and doesn't seem to change much, we have a lot of business to discuss in preparation for this year's show; election of directors, discussion of work that needs to be done, ideas to improve our show and enlarge our attendance, along with good fellowship with old and/or new friends, and of course enjoy some good refreshments. Also bring along any of your friends who may be interested in exhibiting, playing with or just looking at any of the Old Tractors, Cars, Engines, Farm Equipment, and other Old Stuff that was used many years ago by our ancestors on the farm, home and etc. Perhaps we can encourage them to become members of our small, but great, organization.

Call Troy Comstock at 218-424-7455 or Steve LaDuke at 218-689-4463 or William Olson at 218-442-6381 for more information about our association and our show.

You're welcome to volunteer or help with one of the following:  Your pay will the same as for the rest of us, the satisfaction of a job well done.

Steam Engines:
Gas and Diesel:

Stationary Engines:

Ladies Activities:
Kid's Activities:
Flea Market:
Gate & Tickets:
Music and Entertainment:
Troy Comstock
Phil Harder
Smitty Jeffrey
Dean Hahn
Gary Baus
Troy Comstock
Mark Engen
Phil Harder
Jane Jeffrey
Davis Jeffrey
Kathy Comstock
Beth Fish
Kathy Baus
Cory Scharf
Steve LaDuke
Jeanine Engen
Danelle Comstock
Cory Scharf

The Covid-19 Virus put a big kink in the Tractor Shows this past year. Ours was the only one in our neck of the woods and beyond, that I’m aware of, except perhaps one near Detroit Lakes, I hear. Even with that threat we put on a quite successful show with even about 11 of our friends from the Lake Itasca Show coming up to visit with us. They needed a good Tractor Show “Shot in the arm” which I hope we provided.
In the middle of November I did have a bout of the Virus & a touch of Pneumonia with it, which kept me a little weak & short of wind for a short while, but I recovered from it quite well with no serious problems. But it did keep us at home for a couple of weeks.
We've had a fairly mild winter with a lot of mild temperatures & only 24” of snow, with only 12 inches on the ground at my place. Don’t worry too much about it, we still have time to get slammed with a blast of winter yet.
If you have an E-mail address, even if you think I may already have it, please E-mail it to me, because some have changed and are no longer valid & I may have lost some due to computer problems. Include your phone number, as a lot of you have cell phones only, no land-line, so you are no longer listed in the phone book, so I’m missing some.

My phone, 218-442-6381, Cell, 218-469-3806 whick is usually on only when I'm away from home. My E-mail address:

Here are a few websites that were suggested to be included in the newsletter. is Itasca show site is Our show site is used parts site this one is Albany show site  is a museum & manuals site

Find us also on Facebook:

Remember, our show this year will be on Saturday July 31 and Sunday August 1, 2021.

Spread the word to friends, neighbors and acquaintances both far and near about this year’s show dates and invite them to come celebrate & recall our past with us.

Don’t forget, Annual Meeting,

2:00 PM, Saturday, February 20, 2021, at the Mt. Carmel Lutheran Church, 6 miles North of Roosevelt.

Note again, the meeting is on Saturday, not Sunday.