Lake of the Woods Steam and Gas Engine Association
Minutes of annual meeting February 25, 2023

Meeting opened at Mt. Carmel Lutheran Church basement by President, Troy Comstock, at 2:08 PM. Minutes of the February 19, 2022 Annual Meeting were read by Secretary, William Olson. Cory Sharf moved that the minutes be accepted, Seconded by Gary Baus. Treasurer's report was presented by Treasurer, Steve LaDuke. Gary Baus moved report be accepted, Troy Comstock seconded. Both motions were carried.

Old Business:
Cory Sharf moved that we hire the band again this coming year to perform by the Band Stand. Paige Jeffrey seconded motion. Motion carried.
Some landscaping still needs to be done around the Kitchen-Snack Shack and various other areas on our grounds. The Grove Steam Traction Engine repair was set aside until further notice. This will be discussed further at the Spring meeting. More discussion on Deep Fryer needs. Suggestion of buying new baskets & building new fryer tanks.
No resolution on the Jenson tools & our storage building yet.
We decided to not make access ramps for the Taylor Bird School & Pioneer home due to logistic problems, door width, potential legal problems & etc.
We need to replace the water heater in the restroom.

New Business:
Discussion of what picture to put on the Buttons. We run out of buttons this last year.
Discussion of putting up a building for the Stone Flour Mill for storage and use during the show. We need to keep the mill dry and accessible for use during the show.
We have been offered, by Arnesens, the District 95J one room School House, now located across from the Mt. Carmel church. They offered to help move it to our show grounds.

Election of Directors: Steven LaDuke and Philip Harder’s director’s terms were up. Nominations were opened for directors. Gary Baus moved that the Secretary cast a unanimous ballot to reinstall Steven LaDuke and Philip Harder as directors. Elliott Olson seconded the motion, motion carried. Mark Engen gave notice of resigning as a Director, he will still be active in the organization. Nomination opened for director. Joe Kuznia was nominated. No further nominations, Nominations closed, seconded by Steve LaDuke. Carried.

Directors Meeting: May 7, 2023, 2:00 PM on the grounds.
Annual Meeting 2024: February 24, 2024, 2:00 PM
Meeting adjourned at 4:37 PM by Troy Comstock.

Respectfully submitted,
William Olson, Secretary