Lake of the Woods Steam and Gas Engine Association
Minutes of annual meeting February 20, 2021 corrected 2/19/22

Meeting opened at Mt. Carmel Lutheran Church basement by President, Troy Comstock, at 2:13 PM. Minutes of the February 22, 2020 Annual Meeting were read by Secretary, William Olson. Gary Baus moved minutes be accepted, Seconded by Troy Comstock. Treasurer's report was presented by Treasurer, Steve LaDuke. Gary moved report be accepted, Elliott Olson seconded. Both motions were carried.

Old Business:
The Jenson Building and the Tools in it may be up for sale. Mark Jenson is looking at retirement & may be wanting to sell the whole lot. We need to look into what is in there. Perhaps offer him a price for the building and contents. There are a lot of old hand tools & other old items which may still interest people coming to the show.
We still need to work on the Big Bessemer Engine to get it running. Need to find a way to mix LP gas with the air with big gulps safely.
Landscaping still needs to be done on the West side of the Kitchen-Snack Shack.
Some more discussion of putting in a Sand Box for the kids to play in, perhaps between the Pioneer Home & the School House, back by the trees. Will discuss this more at a later date.
Check out or sharpen the Grain Binder knotter knife again.
We need a Freezer in the kitchen to store Ice for Food Service use.
Still need to move the Big Red, Steam Water Pump that is beside the Blacksmith Shop.

New Business: We need to plant 2-3 acres of grain for the Grain Thresher, either winter grain, wheat or rye, in the fall or spring grain early in the Spring.
Discussion of raising the Gate Fee Admission, which is now & has been $5.00 for many years. Cory Sharf moved we raise the Gate Fee to $10.00 to be more in line with other shows. Children 14 years old & under Free. Gary Baus seconded. Motion Carried.
It was discussed & decided to order 600 of the Large Buttons. Picture to be decided later.
Discussion of Bandstand Repair or Rebuild. Troy will check on price of steel for support posts. Possibly raise it back up so it can be used underneath as needed.
A man has a Trailer with Engines on it that he would like to store year around. Phil Harder will check with him about the size of the trailer.
Pig Roast? Keep it in mind. Plan for it for now, It can always be cancelled before Posters are printed.
We need to move the Deep Fryer outside by the small side door. It’s making a real mess on the floor when it’s inside. May require a small concrete pad.
Signs need to be repaired, the wind is hard on them.

Election of Directors: Troy Comstock, Gary Baus & William Olson's director's terms were up. Nominations were opened for directors. Emil Olson moved that the Secretary cast a unanimous ballot to reinstall Troy Comstock, Gary Baus & William Olson as directors. Duane Comstock seconded the motion, motion carried.

Directors Meeting: May 2, 2021, 2:00 PM on the grounds.
Annual Meeting 2022: February 19, 2022, 2:00 PM
Meeting adjourned at 3:36 pm by Troy Comstock.

Respectfully submitted,
William Olson, Secretary