In the history of the Karlstad Gospel Tabernacle, there have been eight pastors who have served the church over time.

Pastor J.A. Riveness - The founding Pastor served from 1952-1965. 

Pastor Kenneth Brown - served from 1965-1971.

Pastor James Larson - served from 1971-1973.

Pastor Ken Brown - serverd from 1973-1982.

Pastor Dan Taylor - served from 1982-1988.

Pastor Trent Johnson - served from 1988-1992.

Pastor Curtis Johnson - served from 1993-1994.

Pastor Gordon Fox - served from 1995-1997.

Pastor Mark Hanson - has been serving from 1998-Present.

Present board members of the Karlstad Gospel Tabernacle include: Paul Anderson of Strandquist, Wendell Jorgenson of Newfolden, Lewis Belisle of Stephen and Daryl Bristlin of Karlstad, MN.


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