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Steps To Guard Your Children To Be
"Mighty In Spirit"

1. Consecrate the child to God (Hannah)

2. Teach him to be alert to your spirit, face to face, spirit to spirit.

3. Develop a fear of God. Only by fear of God men depart from evil. Give your chidren a continuing awareness that God is watching them. Give through Scripture inner motivation for Godly living. For wall plaques in children's rooms: Genesis 16:13; Proverbs 15:3; II Corinthians 5:10; Psalm 94:9; Psalm 139:2,4.

4. Bring the child to personal salvation.

5. Give them a sense of destiny. A "brand plucked out of the fire." (John Wesley). Esau despised his birthrite.

6. Guide him to total dedication. Becoming a Christian is not enough. TOTAL dedication to God's will is needed. Romans 12:2 = mighty in spirit.

7. Train him to discrern character. Proverbs has 65 negative copies of bad character. Organize Proverbs under these different kinds of people. Do this with your children. Train, don't tame.

8. Encourage him to stand along on the side of right. He should be an individual in a crowd. Leadership training for present and for future.

9. Saturate the mind with Scripture.

10. Show him consequences of evil. Don't just give facts but the consequences. Trip to divorce court, prison, etc.

11. Teach him to witness and edify. Make this a source of joy and fulfillment. Always a fear of not being successful. Let Scripture mirror results of rin, reality of hell. No pressure.

12. Support wtih prayer. Going off to school as a missionary!

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