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(From left to right: SKS, Me and my 30-30)

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Here is a doe just looking at you.  Hey!  Anyone have a doe permit?


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Catfishing summer 1998
(Used Rod & Reel To Save Ammo)

Man oh man, did this big boy put up a fight!  I thought I would never land him.  But here he is for us to look at and remember.  The best part is that I know there are lots of cats out there that are bigger than this fella'.


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Chris, Dion & Jeff
Deer Taken with SKS


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Deer  1998
(With my pal Dion -- a master deer hunter)



Dion, Cal, Me
(Rem 30-06, Ruger model 30, My SKS)

1998 was a deer hunting season in the MN woods to remember--no snow!  I saw quite a few does but no bucks, so I never got a shot off.  Cal saw a buck but waited for a better shot, which never came, and he then he never got another chance. Well, then there is Dion our master hunter (gun and bow).  He got a good buck, as usual!



Blast from the past.
Cal shot this bear in 1984
Mosberg 30-06, 185 grain, Hornady soft soft point, boat tail

Can you tell yet?  I have a passion for hunting and fishing in the Minnesota woods. Cal, Dion and I have hunted and fished just about everything you could imagine in Minnesota.  We love it!  I also like working on guns and know my SKS and 30-30 rifles inside and out.

Cal took this black bear up on the northern border of Minnesota near Warroad.  After spending time on a stand, he decided to take a drive.  That's when this bear made the mistake of coming out of the Canadian woods into a Minnesota farmer's field.  Cal found a good place to take the shot from a ditch by the road.  He caught him on the run.  Good shooting Cal!


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