Number 69 - September 2012

2012 Show Recap

Well, we pulled it off again! 2012 can be written down as a good one. The grounds and buildings looked in fine form. And we had so many displays, demonstrations and activities to entertain the crowd. There were many spectators and it was unfortunate about the rain Saturday afternoon, but other than that, we had wonderful weather. The lack of mosquitoes and muffle-heads was much appreciated. According to the gate crew our attendance was approximately 570. Head count for the pig roast was down due to rain and we only served 133 meals. But the breakfast attendance was about doubled from years past. 

Looking through the guest books, we had people from nine states, including MN, and two provinces. In one guest book, Bill Eckert (son of Louise Jarousek) from Sprague left a note that he was looking for information on The Old Settlerís Picnic, wondering if it was still happening. He left his number for anyone to call if they knew anything: 1-204-437-2732. 

To produce our show it takes many talents. Itís remarkable how we blend it all in to something very special. Over the years Iíve heard from more than one spectator that although they go to other shows, this one is their favorite. Itís due to our friendliness and funness. What a huge compliment! We should all pat ourselves on the back. 

Isnít it great to see all the new faces with eager hands these last few years? What awesome additions to our crew. Many good friendships have started out at our show grounds, and itís fantastic to find more people with similar interests. 

And isnít it also wonderful to watch as a younger generation steps up to the plate and claims ownership of responsibilities and duties? Itís been amazing to watch so many kids grow up and go from playing on the parked tractors to running them, and taking charge of other things besides. 

The improvements to the Snack Shack were greatly appreciated!! Although, it might take some of us a while to get used to hot and cold being in the right place at the main sink. Guess weíll have to learn to adjust to change. The new countertops and shelves are wonderful! Hopefully in 2013 weíll be able to make more much needed repairs to that building. 

Already, eyes are set on next yearís show and what improvements we can make. 

Nancy Voorhees is looking for photos from years past to include in a book sheís putting together. For the last few years sheís made small photo books of our show but now she wants to do a bigger one. Contact her for more information. Her e-mail address is

A couple of us are putting together a master task list. This will include jobs prior to the show that anyone can take care of. Itís surprising how many little jobs it takes to put this show on! We hope to have it on the bulletin board or front counter in the kitchen during the weeks prior to the show for folks to use if they need something to do and thereís no-one around to ask. Any suggestions for additions would be appreciated. Contact me at 218-386-3801 or Kari Jeffrey at 651-426-1506. 

A couple of thoughts for next year: maybe we could rent a cotton-candy machine and sell it at the pop-stand. It would cost about $150 for the weekend but could probably pay for itself and then some. And wouldnít it be great to have a mural painted on the front doors of the snack shack? Someone suggested we see if some art students would be interested in this project. And maybe we could set up more kidsí games throughout the day including a face-painting booth. Just throwing some stuff out there to think about. 

We should all be thinking about what we can add to our show on Sunday to draw more people out. Thereís the tractor pull and pig roast on Saturday, but not much extra the next day. Any ideas? One suggestion was a talent contest. Any takers? 

We have our Annual Meeting in mid-February at the Mount Carmel Church north of Roosevelt. But we donít need to wait until then to get together amongst ourselves and talk about ideas for the show. Write things down and bring it to our big meeting in February! 

Putting on The Steam and Gas Show is more than just displaying our heritage. Itís more than a tradition. Itís a huge gathering of family even though weíre not all related. 
~ Submitted by Beth Fish 

Thanks Beth for your great show report. 
If anyone would like a copy of the membership list, please let me know and I'll get one for you. 
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Here are a few websites that were suggested to be included in the newsletter. is Itasca show site is Our show site is an online manuals site is used parts site this one is Albany show site

Keep in mind, next yearís show will be on Saturday and Sunday, August 3 & 4, 2013.

Spread the word to friends, neighbors and acquaintances both far and near about next yearís show dates and invite them to come celebrate our past with us.

We will notify you of the time and date of our Annual Meeting in February, 2013, at the Mt. Carmel Lutheran Church