Lake of the Woods Steam and Gas Engine Association
Minutes of annual meeting February 22, 2015

Meeting opened at Mt. Carmel Lutheran Church basement by President, Troy Comstock, at 2:12 PM. Minutes of the April, 6, 2014 Annual Meeting were read by Secretary, William Olson. Cory Sharf moved minutes be accepted, Seconded by Troy. Treasurer's report was presented by Treasurer, Steve LaDuke. Gary Baus moved report be accepted, Phil Harder seconded. Both motions were carried.

Old Business:

Winter Wheat was seeded on the grounds last fall, to hopefully have some grain for threshing this year.

Consensus was to have Rick Christian roast the meat for the Saturday BBQ Dinner again this year. People were generally pleased with the roast last year.

Since the schedule to widen Rocky Point Road was shifted to this year it was decided that we leave the sign on the side of the threshing machine and park it near the entrance and perhaps just leave it there for the time being. North Star Electric has buried their power line along the East end of the grounds, by Rocky Point RD, in preparation for the road widening, it is now out of the way permanently.

There was some discussion of what repairs were needed in the Kitchen and Snack Shack building and how to do them. It was decided that we must get to it this year. There will be more discussion and planning during the Directorís Meeting in April.

There was some discussion of needing to do some repair on the Band Stand. It was decided to put that off for one more year since the Kitchen will take up our time this year.

New Business:

Steve La Duke will check with the Eagles to see if they want to continue to operate the kitchen again this year and next. If not, we will have to find group that would do it.

Discussion about having a Spring Pancake a Breakfast again. It was decided to drop it, since it did not give enough income for the work involved.

It was decided to feature Stationary Engines for the 2015 show.

We need a little help to get tractors ready for the parade and assign new drivers who want to drive tractors in the Tractor Parade.

Election of Directors: Troy Comstock, Gary Baus & William Olsonís directors terms were up. Nominations were opened for directors. Phil Harder moved that we reinstall Troy Comstock, Gary Baus & William Olson as directors. Cory seconded the motion, motion was carried. Elliott Olson moved that nominations cease, Steve seconded, motion was carried.

Our next Annual Meeting was set up for February 21, 2016, at 2:00 PM at the Mt. Carmel Church basement.

A Directors meeting is scheduled for April 26, 2015 on to the grounds for a walk around to identify work that need to be done.

Meeting adjourned at 3:50 pm by Troy Comstock.

Respectfully submitted,
William Olson, Secretary