Lake of the Woods Steam and Gas Engine Association
Minutes of annual meeting February 25, 2017

Meeting opened at Mt. Carmel Lutheran Church basement by President, Troy Comstock, at 2:13PM. Minutes of the February 21, 2016 Annual Meeting were read by Secretary, William Olson. Troy Comstock moved minutes be accepted, Seconded by Elliott Olson. Treasurer's report was presented by Cory Sharf for Treasurer, Steve LaDuke. Elliott moved report be accepted, Phil Harder seconded.  Both motions were carried.

Old Business:
Kitchen building repair of the West wall needs to be finished this year, The East wall was done last year, West wall will be easier & will be discussed at our May Directorís meeting.

More discussion of  becoming a Non Profit Organization. We donít have a copy of the Signed By-Laws that anybody can find. We may also need a copy of the Articles of Incorporation to do so. Smitty Jeffrey will check with the Secretary of State Office to see if they can find the By-Laws on file. (NOTE: Secretary, William Olson did find a copy of the Articles of Incorporation after this yearís Annual meeting, which he will pass on to Smitty.)

We did build a new Ticket Booth last summer just before the show opened.

There was discussion of Rebuilding or repairing the Bandstand, but was tabled for now. The Dining Hall/Kitchen has higher priority. Ramps for Pioneer Home & Taylor Bird School also put on hold.

Beth Fish will order more Can Coolers (Cozies) to sell if needed.  Tee & Sweat Shirt supply also needs to be checked into & ordered as needed.

Itís not known whether any Arial Photos were taken of the show last year or not. It was suggested that if someone has a Drone with camera or has use of one, we could do it this year.

The new Steam Show Web site is still in process of being developed.

New Business:
It was decided to put a Steam Traction Engine Spark Show on the buttons for 2017.

Benches on the North side of the Flea Market building need to be repaired or rebuilt.

Some suggestions: Rip a log lengthways to make a bench, buy some treated 2 X 12Ē plank & have them fold up against the building to mow under them. There will be more discussion & planning at the Directorís meeting in May & during the Summer.

Paige and Kayla Jeffrey did a good job of taking over the kitchen for the show. There were very few complaints. Good job gals.

As far as we know, Rick Christian will BBQ the pork for our Pork Roast Dinner this coming year as well and help by BBQing some of the food stuff for the Dining Hall.

Need to work up some ground in the spring and plant grain for threshing. Need to borrow some proper size implements for the job.

The Spring Directorís Meeting was set for May 7, at 2:00 PM on the grounds.

Next yearís Annual Meeting was set for Saturday, February 24, 2018 at 2:00 PM.

Election of Directors:  Steven LaDuke & Philip Harderís directors terms were up. Nominations were opened for directors. Emil Olson moved that the Secretary cast a unanimous ballot to reinstall Steve and Phil as directors. Elliott seconded the motion, motion was carried.

Meeting adjourned at 3:50 pm by Troy Comstock.

Respectfully submitted,
William Olson, Secretary